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Saturday, January 4, 2014

reservations required…..but the bar will work!

I did indeed have a lovely day.  I not only sat in on my three children's basketball games, I connected with friends and engaged in our wonderful community.  It wasn't perfect though- the 1st game was great.  Peter was off a bit and we still have lessons in rolling with loss' to learn.  It is wonderful that Joe and Peter are so dedicated and passionate, however I'm a big fan of focus on the positive and roll with it. It is fine to be disappointed- you can't win every game.  And Sally's game was late and I was tired and hungry. But Mr. Mike came- how nice that this Works volunteer who has seen my kids grow up came to cheer the baby he met 9 years ago to a victory.  And I did enjoy the company of her great team's parents.

And we did get to enjoy the new restaurant in Johnstown- The Old Horseshoe Tavern!  Friends have told me about it, we'd tried to go earlier- they are not open for lunch on Saturdays and tonight we were almost closed out- you need a reservation!  How wonderful that they're doing that well. I applied Granville logic and assumed no reservations- I assumed wrong.  Luckily they were willing to serve us at the bar and we had incredible service.  The food really was outstanding. The kids loved it all, tried new things and engaged once we had them nibbling on some food and happy with their root beers.  The co-owner took care of us and gave us inside scoop and a peak at the new menu coming soon.  I would not of ordered the Risotto Cakes in the tomato sauce with balsamic syrup (not vinegar) I'm soooo glad I did.  It took me right back to my mother's table- he does a breaded veal with a made from scratch tomato sauce that is very similar and a family favorite.  Even Clare liked the lamb egg rolls- points for my picky eater.

I can't wait until life on Newark-Granville Road gives us some time to return with a reservation and enjoy the updated menu and time to savor the beautiful decor and cuisine at a table.  The bar worked and I'd repeat depending on my mood.

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