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Friday, January 31, 2014

cheeks hurt from smiling…..

One of those very special days…quick recap:
1. Licking County Chamber Commerce Ground Hog Breakfast- they get better and better! This one was amazing. Thank you Chamber staff and volunteers, Velvet Ice Cream- woo hop- 100 years and Donato's- CEO and local franchise owners, plus Steve Lehman a great Ground Hog!  Inspiring, healthy, happy stories, messages and perspectives- awesome start to the day, wrap up to the M-F week.
2. Work- Cocktails by the Fire prep with incredible colleagues and volunteers, in person check delivery and opportunity to showcase how AEP's money is invested in the community via The Works, play with a beautiful young man- 1 year old, almost walking- I helped a friend to the Works with childcare for less than an hour. Yes I stopped what I was doing to play in the museum, interact with a sitter with two young girls- took me back to babysitting days.
3. Pirates of Penzance!!!!  I LOVE GILBERT AND SULLIVAN!  I knew this was being performed at Denison tomorrow night.  (OK- if you are not attending Cocktails by the Fire the only other place you should be is watching PofP!!) Bonus was learning I could catch it tonight.  I only attended the 1st half- I'm tired (left house at 5:25am) but I smiled so hard my checks hurt. I was delighted and impressed and can't wait for my parents to take our kids. I came by this love of operetta from my parents and know they'll enjoy the treat tomorrow night.  8 pm Burke Hall- get there early for a seat.
4. Happy kids came home a bit after me- 2nd time this week- so happy to see me, talking all at once, a mile a minute, delighted with their activities and days engaged at school, with the HS Basketball game and being out and about in our community.
All of our lives are rich and fulfilling on Newark-Granville Road.

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