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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm in!

Not just because my job is all about connecting people with The Works in philanthropic ways….but because my parents modeled the way, it feels like part of my make up and it feels good.  Because I like to give, I like to receive.  Another thing that probably connects me to my job at The Works and really to volunteer- I usually volunteer where I give and therefore receive over and over….

So lately I've had the chance to sign up on Facebook to receive supportive efforts from FB friends. I'm intrigued and I feel the need to join this fun! I'm going to add a twist- I'm going to connect my effort to the blog….so if you are reading this blog please let me know.  I don't have access to view who reads my blog.  I want to thank you personally.  I'm not sure how you'll be thanked yet but you'll hear from me.  You can notify me in writing- email ( or on Facebook. Or if you have my cell text me or call me and leave a message- or who knows maybe I'll answer- and of course you can tell me in person.  Many of you do this and I will try to remember who you are- tell me again please!

We survived the snow day on life on Newark-Granville Road today… colleagues were patient with my kids at the museum today.  I loved the creative imaginative outlet they had in Create It Lab - thanks Allison!  I didn't like the disrespect for my office- the coats on the floor, the gum wrappers- it is their home away from home- sigh….I loved taking Peter to Rotary.  All 3 kids now know more about Service about Self and where I spend my Tuesday lunches.  They engaged in great ways with me while we were there- I will treasure the opportunity for one on one time with my loves.  I was somewhat productive at Work- lots to do still- Cocktails by the Fire is really picking up steam- THANK YOU to many of you have bought tickets and helping with this event to support The Works- can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

So life on Newark-Granville road has me "in" into snow days and kids, work for the good and supporting one another and the organizations doing good- lots of good out there!

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