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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3-D printers- changing life as we know it on Newark-Granville Road.

Yesterday was a great day. One of those days I'm pleased with my parenting.  These are needed as there are many days I regret that I yell, or am focused too much on my own efforts- like the blog- days like today warm me deeply for many reasons and therefore I have to share. I already did on facebook but I want to document in the blog.

On Monday Clare said to me- "you know what we need to get?"  " a 3-D printer"…I replied- ooo guess what your home away from home is getting one- The Works! She smiled and said "cool" and explained that she had read an article about them. She knows that her school has one but it is in a room she doesn't access.  So the next day sitting in a meeting when I received the notice that school was cancelled I arranged for Clare to join me at work.  She was going to see the 3-D printer The Works will receive this summer (we have to make it museum ready, secure some supply funding, determine use/process, etc…)and better yet she was going to meet the inventor.  A bonus was she joined me for Rotary and heard the inventor- Michael Cao- talk about his life, perspective and philosophy.  She was happy, interested and impressed- that doesnt' happen everyday in our lives on Newark-Granville Road with a 13 year old.

I too was happy, impressed and interested.  Michael Cao is pretty amazing.  He has a full time engineering job, a 5 month old baby and a manufacturing company that is globally executed with "VA" virtual assistants in different countries and time zones- so work doesn't stop.  He invented this affordable 3D printer because he needed to engage his brain, needed a project.  This is beyond the cool automotive work he is doing.  He manufactures the material/plastic/polymer that is used in the machine.  He is making it affordable and partnering with schools to reach into the education fields because he embraces the purity of engineering.  This is a good man. This is a smart man.  This an organized leader who can delegate, communicate clearly and is helping the world evolve.   He is modest, confident and just is- a pleasure to meet him, introduce him to my daughter and have him make my brain itch!!

I knew about 3D printers- kind-of..I had heard about them, even read about them- but until I saw one working, thought about it, listened to other questions, paid attention to how it is working I didn't get it.  And then I got it- this is truly life as we know it on Newark-Granville Road altering.  Will we buying one any time soon- no…but I know things coming into our home will soon be made via this just-in-time technology. It will impact my children's careers, maybe my own in the future.  It is amazing.

I have to share my appreciation to Rick Platt, CTEC and the Newark-Heath Licking County Port Authority for making this possible.  Not only securing this item, but leading the vision of STEM @ the Works to support Licking County and our next wave of innovation and realizing this is key to that awareness, development and acceptance.  For introducing us to Michael Cao, bringing him to us to share his inspiring story and approach to life and work and giving so many the chance to interact with him. Check it out for yourself- like them on Facebook-  IC3D LLC- affordable desktop 3D Printers and Filament- Michael Cao- CEO Founder.

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