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Friday, January 3, 2014

where is Susan?

Tomorrow I'm happy to say I get to see all 3 kids play basketball!  It is a full day and I'll be moving but this is so rare. Usually we're pulled in too many directions and one kid misses having a parent at a game.  We're OK with this- we can't go to every game with three kids and two adults and work and volunteer commitments.  But when I can I go that is my motto and I'm excited for my life on Newark-Granville Road tomorrow.  (Today was good too- lots of great work at work and home to happy kids and dog!)

If you're looking for me, want to join me we have:
Clare at 10 am at Licking Valley Middle School- need to figure out that where exactly…
Peter at noon at Granville Intermediate School
Sally at 3:15 (ish) at Johnstown Middle School (I need to call Mr. Mike!!)
We''ll wrap up the day with dinner at the new Old Horseshoe in Johnstown!!

Go Granville!

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