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Sunday, January 19, 2014

on my walk this morning….

On my walk today I saw deer tracks, dog and runner tracks, snowplowed areas now covered and areas un plowed. I saw colors of gray, green, brown and black transformed to new shades with the bright white and glowing gray atmosphere. The cardinal and squirrel against this background their flurry of action.

On my walk today I felt Jack Frost on my cheeks, warm chilled tears, the slip of the path, crunch of the path, the wind-chill-fresh and energizing.

On my walk today there was only cool neutral smells- fresh and clean.

On my walk today I heard the peace, the sound of boot and dog on the crisp snow- not really a crunch, not really a squeak- something in-between that only happens when the temperature and snow fall is just so. I didn’t hear the birds or the squirrels. I heard the cars swoosh by. I heard my breath and Griffey’s puffs.

On my walk today my company was the right side of my brain to capture my walk.  Robert Frost was with me and my hippocampus did its duty but let me remain in the moment of beauty that all of my senses delivered. My life on Newark-Granville Road has made all the difference.

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