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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Peter's turn…..and awesome "GREEN" tip to apply to my Life on NG Road with new and old friends!

Here is a picture of Peter. I realize he hasn't made the blog recently.  No reason for this but I want to correct that omission. Last night at the wonderful art exhibit opening of "Ditch to Dazzling" Peter found his favorite piece, explained why and I snapped this photo.  He and Clare both liked this very creative refrigerator done by the Licking County Health Department! They used all re-purposed materials in fun ways- I love this! We all get a science lesson in keeping food safe to consume too! Science and art together- love it!! Love this boy of mine too- he wore green to the opening of this "Green Revolution" event!!

Another awesome GREEN part of this event was from a friend I've seen 3 times this week.  Don't you love that feeling of making a new friend.  The joy that happens when you realize you share values as you support similar efforts and organizations. You also enjoy the opportunity to connect and share.  Well my new friend- a woman I respect so very much for her STEM leadership role in the community and her path to landing here.  Anyway she said when she forgets her bags in the car for the grocery store- she just has them reload her cart- no bags and wheels the food from the store out to the car.  By the way it saves time too!! Then when she gets to the car she loads it up.  I was saying I really like boxes for groceries at places like GFS- she said- use boxes in your car and use this tip!

I won't go into the details of this wonderful exhibit- the Dispatch did a nice job- link below I will tell you it was a special night for many reasons a few are:
- "Green Revolution" started with Denison- thank you Denison Museum!! and we've been on this journey to bring sustainability, recycling improved efforts to Licking County together.  The DU Museum opening art exhibit is coming up  Feb 20th and will be wonderful too.  That is what is so cool about art- interpretation, expression.  These shows give artist of all ages the creative challenge and they all do it in their own ways- really really well!!!
-Teachers and students very involved with this exhibit and program- girls from Library program really neat- fashion from recycled materials!  (by the way my life on Newark-Granville Road on Sat am includes Sponge Bob in the background and it is driving me nuts…hard to find appropriate language to describe the wonderful evening last night- you're going to need to visit it on your own and make it special for yourself please!!)  anyway-
-last night was special for sooo many reasons including meeting a new friend- an author- a friend of friends- I could of talked to her for hours! I'll share more about her book in a later blog!!
-and of course the connection to donors- so many with us last night- even if they were not there last night they helped us get to that point and they'll be with us over the course of the exhibit- many next Saturday night- Feb 1st for the grown up night at the museum- Cocktails by the Fire- Feb 1! Green Revolution theme too!!!
-and finally seeing something like this come to fruition- not always easy but we did it and the talent in the Works staff is inspiring!!

I hope you'll share with me your thoughts and your favorites!  Sally loved the bird flying over the earth! I haven't found my favorite yet- more blog fodder!!

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