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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Grateful Sigh.....

Nope- no blog yesterday, not that my head wasnt' filled with catchy titles to describe all the fun and festivity, tradition and family and friend bonding that was happening.  Oh well- I'll do two at some point to keep me on track in my mind for this monthly blogging thing.

Montly blogging also has me pondering the purpose of blogging- should I be doing more than just expressing the comings and goings of my life on beautiful Newark-Granville Road? I want you to enjoy reading, although I have to admit- I enjoy sharing and documenting what I oringally stated I would when I started this blog "FYIs with why.....about life in this fun community and my life!"  So here is my day yesterday - when I shared these hightlights at work, they were amused so I hope you will be as well.  I also was told I look tired and I wanted simply to say- I should look and be tired- it was a full fun day, just as my life is- full and fun!!

Thanksgiving Day- my favorite day of the year....well Christmas Eve Day is a very close 2nd...
Early Prep- I love to cook- I find the Thanksgiving Meal not that hard- my parents love the traditiional things from our family and mom and I can make our way around my kitchen pretty well together.  I love brining the turkey now and enjoyed getting him ready to go in the oven as soon as we returned from....

turkey trot- we all get into this one- as described in an earlier blog! Sally was excited to be with her friends and we had prearranged to meet up to make that happen. I was a bit disappointed I didn't see as many friends as I recall seeing- not because they were not there- just so many people- great success- way to go St. Lukes- wonderful community effort and fundraiser for Food Pantry!!! The highlight was the great run I was happily forced into!!  Sally's friend's darling little sister sprinted ahead of the group and I felt the need to keep an eye on the just turned 5 year old.  It was the best work out I could of asked for- sprint, skips- bit of breath catching walking at the end....she was so happy and I was happy to be with her.  Sally was happy with her pals and it all worked!  Another highlight was the friends along the way cheering us on- bonus this year- Katie and boys used our yards- made yard signs and had our house a happy place for all participants!! Thanks Katie- I always want to be in two places at once and you helped me so much!  Everyone finished the race strong. Joe took a tumble due to Griffey but he seems to be OK- phew!

Our spend the day at home day was nice- so glad my parents were with us.  We had yummy bloody Mary's- Mom brought one from Jim Mattimoe that was awesome! Then we had quiche, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad to get the day going! We put the turkey in and enjoyed hang out time.  My dad earned his keep by helping us hang pictures in the living room.  I like to use the collage style my parents do and if I do say so myself it looks really good!  I love the art Joe and I have collected adn combined and it is fun to see it hanging in new places. It was last year at this time that we made the move to all yellow with white woodwork in the front of the house. Slowly but surely we're progressing and this step was very satisfying.

It took some time for 18lber to roast but he was rich and yummy. Nana's gravy and potatoes were wonderful. Clare was thrilled I remembered the rolls and I love that she likes peas.  Saltines is what we all prefer for the scalloped oysters and Peter delighted me with 2nds.  The sauerkraut that cooked all day and gave me the aroma of turkey day- never made it down to our end of the table- oh well! It will be yummy with the left overs.  Nana's pie with Betsy's cream was heaven and I'm happy the kids were pleased with my 1st attempt at pumpkin cookies- have to have something pumpkin but pumpkin pie is not my favorite.

Unfortunately we broke two favorite glasses (used for scotch) but lessons were learned and new favorites can be found.  (I have my eye on two yellow one's from The Works!!) The dog knocked over the small remains of the Nouveau Beaujolais while we were cleaning up- good news- boiling water with salad will take the stain out!  Lets home we didn't damage the antique linen....The kids went back to Cherry Valley to swim and Joe and I curled up with a movie.

Yes Life on Newark-Granville Road at Thanksgiving was filled with family bonding and connecting, progress and lessons and I was able to sigh with gratitude for many reasons.  Thanks for sharing these with me.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Being with family is priceless and the aromas fill our hearts with permanent heart memories!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart