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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happiness on Newark-Granville Road Is.....

Okay- four minutes to go so I can meet the post every day challenge....however I think I may declare the definition of posting every day as posting before I go to bed, that doesn't put the midnight restriction into my effort.

Actually I am pretty tired and happy to share what made me happy today, which may be inspiration for a future blog this month...or maybe someoneelse's.  Big thanks to Cheri and her blog and blog challenge....Naples  She posted these other bloggers to take a look at, they too will be blogging daily!

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  2. My Happy Nest – See why Sara is so thankful these days and find out what November will bring to her already busy schedule
  3.  Lovellie Commentary – Ellie always has some great opinions to share.  Check out her latest on the CMA Awards.  Good stuff here.  Glad you are joining us, Ellie!
  4.  A Simple, Village Undertaker – Although Ray has been a consistent blogger for some time now, he, too, has accepted this challenge.  You will love reading his stuff and you will find some new blogs to follow as well.
Anyway back to what made me happy today:

-roasting a marshmallow on a beautiful screened in porch, overlooking the lights of Newark-Granville Road.
-sitting around a round table catching up, laughing, sharing, enjoying good wine and yummy food with friends.
-honoring good work, being part of an event put on by our community hospital.
-engaging with caring co-workers.
-sharing the energy of and with business supporters and growers
-fixing a potential health issue- minor- and seeing innovative technology at work by competent caring professionals.
-feeling the energy of shared passion.
-getting dressed for a day that brought all the fun it had the potential to
-puppy kisses and hugs.
-cuddling and hugging kids.
-talking with my mom on the phone in the morning.
-smiling at a message from my husband, and the fact he makes me giddy when I think about Friday night date night with him.

Yes I have a very happy life on Newark-Granville Road....


Anonymous said...

Very nice post, Susan. We are truly blessed.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love my puppy kisses also...I stayed home from my studio this saturday...I have been putting in too many 6 days a week and need my babies and washing my fabrics for my next exhibit in Phoenix...and having a pizza party at Elm's Pizza with my kids ! Love your JOY!!! Mary Helen