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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Little Things

Yes it is the little things that make a BIG difference.  Picking up from yesterday's what makes me happy theme on my blog.  I actually had the idea of happiness is.... pop into my head yesterday morning when for the 2nd day in a row, I put on a winter coat that has been hanging in the hall closet for almost a year, I put my hand in the pocket and voila- a favorite lipstick was there!  I'm not a girl who has to always have her lipstick on- like my mother- however it is the little final touch that does make me feel a bit more "ready to go"- plus my lips are often dry and I like a product that keeps them feeling good!   So yes happiness is.....finding something in your pocket that you've been missing!

The little things often aren't little- they take that extra bit of effort that could easily be skipped.   This fall I realized that all of my lipsticks/glosses really- had gone missing. Now we know where....a business owner friend actually delivered them to my house, so I wouldn't have to take the time from my day and deal with construction. THANK YOU Gloria at Rejeuvenations for the extra effort that meant so much to me!!

Other little things that mean a lot to me.....Kids are you reading...hmm- I don't think my kids to read my blogs....
1. picking up after yourself.  These candy wrappers are driving me nuts.
2. Real Mail- I received two hand written notes addressed to me today!!!
3. Personalized Christmas Cards - just a quick note or signature....I know it isn't the norm and I am so happy to get the card any way (see above)- just a little extra I value.
4. Personalized asks for money.....I try to do this at work and I KNOW it isn't possible and the funds come in without them but I like the personal approach.  Patrcia Finkelman-I've shared this with you before but the Women's Fund's Annual Fund campaign is AMAZING and your note inspires me in so many ways!
5. The passing hello and smile...again often not the norm in today's world but I'll just say how much I value it and it pays off!  The "Denison" hello is what it was called at one point on the hill- passing on chapel walk you always acknowledged the person passing by....

Life on Newark-Granville road is filled with little things that add up to a very blessed life indeed- thanks for the comment Cheri!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

It is the smallest of simple rituals and celebrations we often overlook in our extremely busy days...we all have been so blessed. today my grandson Cole is working in a question and answer poster board for his kindergarten class...when I grow up I want to be an tears are still twinkling in my eyes. Peace, Mary Helen