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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Orginal Blogging?

How cool is this- Tracey Lawson found her great great great grandfather's travel journal from his adventure from a wagon trip going from mt. Pleasant Ohio to New City and back in 1838!  What did she do- she retraced his steps and documented it in this wonderful book! She'll be reading from it at HOLIDAY HOMECOMING at The Works on Friday!! This connects to me and my life on Newark-Granville Road in many ways.

1. The route follows Rt. 40- my own path many many times as a Denison student and over the years with grand kids visiting Grandparents.   Sure enough Hagerstown is mentioned!!
2. Journaling- Blogging has become my journalling.  As much as I value it, appreicate it- I don't keep it up.  I do have a journal I pick up every now and then. However this daily blogging things has been good and I have to wonder if Travel Journals like this one may have been the precursser to Blogs of today?
3. This book and talk (and signing) so well connect to the Aminah exhibit at The Works!  I'm so excited for generations to gather and enjoy the special event at The Works on Friday and take in teh exhibit and hopefully enjoy the experience all the more.  Aminah's is a visual historian- in some ways that is what us bloggers are as well with the use of  photos.  Words and art together are powerful, inspirational things!
4. So on this wonderful Thanksgiving Eve as I pull out grandparent dishes, dust off recipes and traditions passed down and fit to our current needs I am grateful for authors and publishers like Lawson and McDonald and Woodward Publishing for sharing such a piece of work.  I hope you'll join me as we interact and connect across generations and build our communities.

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