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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hits 100th Post and therefore has to be about volunteering.

So hear I am in my nest- I have work to do, holiday tasks, email to catch-up on and thinking about what should I blog about today.  I scan my past blogs to see the subject matter thinking I need to do something fresh. And I start looking at the dates on the post- I've done pretty well with the every day posting and what catches my attention- 99.  I have 99 posts logged on this blog so when I hit- publish it will become 100!  This feels like a milestone.  Two people today told me to keep blogging and I really appreciated the support and commentary about this blog!

Both of the people that gave me the boost are volunteers.  They not only volunteer for The Works but many places around town- I admire both of these men a great deal- they not only serve, they lead.  I had the privilege to address The Works Volunteer meeting today- that is always a treat!  Janice LoRaso has brought so much to this part of Museum life.  She honors and respects these incredible people that help make The Works the special place it is.  Frank Logan's presentations teach us so much each month.  Having the opportunity to thank in person these dear friends is always a highlight.  Today's meeting had a great energy.

Today I also was able to share my story as part of orientation for two staff members and our intern. Volunteering has always led to my jobs at Federal-Mogul- extra work with Organization Psychology put me in my Call Center Start Up position.  Efforts to take care of employees, led to my HR position, while in HR- my volunteer to execute trainings gave me the flexibility to work from Columbus and travel when I married Joe.  Meanwhile I always volunteered for Denison and that led to my job there. While living in Newark I found my way to The Works and volunteered there which led to my position there today.  My volunteer work with the Granville Library benefits the job I do now- sitting in a meeting today about a mailing took me right back to the levy effort! I also am able to share that volunteers are some of my dearest friends, my local family.  Working side by side in a volunteer capacity bonds people together in unique ways.  I can't imagine my life without volunteerism.  Both Joe and my parents set the example and I hope we are able to pass this on to our kids.  I also appreciate those that have asked me to volunteer- I remember the day so clearly when I was asked to join Alumni Council at Denison, Session at Church and when Marcia engaged me at The Works.

My life on Newark-Granville road is so much richer thanks to the volunteers who inspire me, help my family (coaches, classroom parents, carpool drivers, troop leaders, etc....) and make the community where we live a very special place! And by the way- if you would like to volunteer at The Works- we'd love to have you.  There are many ways to engage- lets have coffee and talk explore the idea!! There is much more to explore on this topic- why we volunteer where we volunteer, how it ties to "call" vs filling a void.  For now it is time to keep plugging away and even do some volunteer work on Newark-Granville Road!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a wonderful post lady. I realize we can all make a contribution in a small way and reach out to someone alone...create with a to someone a person get their GED...send a card of hope to someone who is at loss... infinite possibilities! happy 100!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Let's talk!

Licking County Chamber of Commerce said...

Congrats Susan! Keep up to great blogging.