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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Art, History, Technology, Innovation and Communication

Three great meetings today! Three great meetings that all involved Art, History, Technology, Innovation and Communication.  All three involved talented, passionate people. Seeing connections happen is something I highly value and appreciate and today it happened in three meetings!

I had the pleasure to tour Caretta and see how these AMAZING desks and office (work or home) are designed and manufactured.  I was able to see where these beautiful pieces of functional and artistic art are being shipped- all over the US, yet not so much in Columbus.  I hope all of you reading will consider sending this link to those you know may value such a product- if anyone is interested I HIGHLY recommend this quality product that has been so intelligently designed and beautifully produced.  The tour was also helpful and inspiring as we move forward with exciting projects at The Works involving Invention, Innovation and Communication!!

The other meetings involved grants and project designing for the aforementioned projects- I think it would be fun to win the lottery and in a snap these projects would be funded (yes I'd give a lot of the money I'd win away- after decorating the kids rooms the way they want- their plans if we would win). The reality is the journey is part of the process and the exhibits and their impact grow stronger with each meeting!

Lessons learned or better said- re-iterated in real life examples today for making Innovation and Invention happen. I admire how hard a whole family works to make a go of businesses.  It isn't ever just an inventor but so many people.  The first things the person we met with this afternoon talked about was his great staff and how to engage and keep their loyalty, interest and commitment. He talked about how people work their way up and show their work ethic and learn the business.  His family was on the tour with us sharing the stories that led to the success.  The other key quality is resilience- the ability to welcome failure, the stick-to-it-ness that is required. The creativity, the important of lean work approach, quality work, cross training...I could go on and on- it was a good day for learning and inspiration that will help with planning for life on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I wish I could have gone on this tour with sounds so inspirational and a group of people who have learned to work and create together. Thank you for telling me about this day...I am tired but we did make cards for the recovering soldiers at Walter Reid Hospital in Washington,D.C. Peace, Mary Helen