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Monday, November 26, 2012

with a little help from our Friends!

Basketball Season...HELP!  Maybe it shouldn't be an all caps type- it should be more like a- I'm really going to need help this season.....

I started this entry weeks ago when the schedule was just starting to come together, Joe was juggling his team's schedule time and it was oh so apparent that it wasn't going to be easy to have 3 kids playing basketball on 3 different teams this year.  This was the situation last year and I don't remember stressing as much or maybe I'm reacting this year because of what we went through last year?  I know I'm missing having Peter on Guy Michael's team but am thrilled Joe is coaching Peter's team. JOE LOVES TO COACH!  He's coached Clare's team for years and it has been sweet. Peter has learned so much and the program has evolved nicely so Joe is really excited.  Clare is benefiting from going to the boys practices too!

I put the game schedule into outlook- it will be a bit nutty, most of our winter will be all about basketball and there are days I'm already coordinating the "help".  I'm not alone- it was nice to chat with another Mom in harder situation- 3 kids playing and younger siblings to include in the coordination/entertainment!  What is amazing about living on Newark-Granville Road is people do help.  As much as I love to move as a family unit- we'll divide and conquer quite a bit- starting tomorrow night with Clare's 6th Grade String Concert- same night as Sally's first practice.   The better title for the blog might be Driving Burg Street for the next few weeks! Wave if you see us passing and let me know if your child needs a ride- I'm happy to help!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Take a breath...hug the puppy...gather the sports gear... and slowly gather up the three team mates! One step at a time...Ken was a coach at the YMCA years ago and I remember the Saturday mornings and practices...I laughed until my sides literally hurt. I am so proud of the family interaction...warm memories for years to cherish. Peace Mom. You are so loved! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart