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Friday, November 16, 2012

This made me smile!  For the record- I LOVE catalogs and this one in particular and the store.  I loved registering here for beautiful things- dishes and pots and pans I use everyday still- 13 years later.  I love innovation and invention and creative approaches.   I love thinking about being in a place where I would have the time and space to cook like this.   I don't have the funds or counter space for what is highlighted here  (I so long for a pantry storage spot) but I do have a few things like this from the an oyster place that simply makes life on Newark-Granville Road delightful!  I hope you giggle like I did!!  Thanks to Marcia for sharing this great break in the action.

I could go on and blog about some of the comments at the bottom- but spelling tests call, an important and fun work meeting and for the most part my blogs are extemporaneous and I prefer my political commentary be more prepared.  I hope you have a great day and this helps you relax in the midst of holiday planning- Thanksgiving is MY favorite holiday and today kicks family and friend fun!!

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