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Monday, November 12, 2012

New Things

When I was little and we would go shopping, part of the fun was coming home and showing all the purchases to my Dad and others that we're part of the big shop.  We often went to "the city" to do the back to school, Easter/spring shop.  The city was Washington, DC or Baltimore, when we moved to Altoona it was Pittsburgh!  I now realize the "fashion show" or showing was as much for my mother to review what she had purchased and possibly put things together, it was part of the organizing of the shopping.  What I also take away and have applied myself now is the "why did we get this"....we never bought things just because- there was always a reason, occasion, perceived need.  Often they were gifts...if we splurged "it would be part of your Xmas gift" or gifts would be stowed away to be brought out to wear to a holiday party, church service, etc.......I'm the same way- I struggle to shop just for shopping sake.  Joe may disagree- but often things find their way to his closet to be given to me by a child for a holiday/gift giving occasion.

For whatever reason I'm didn't do that today. Some of the purchases at the Holiday Fair may be gifts but I'll bring you in on my "sharing" step of this process.  I love to know the "why" and I love to share the "why" so here is why I bought what I bought today.....

Button Tree- a beautiful tree that will fit so well into our Xmas tree themed living room.  This one is filled with buttons and pearl topped pins to make a winter white tree- it made me think of the Works' Aminah exhibit so it will be a lovely addition.

Tu-Tu- lots of colorful tulle will excite a little 4 year old that I know- she is quite the dancer!!!

Gorgeous pillow- green, zinia flower pattern in fleece- made by Barbara Evens- I saw a photo of it in the advertising so I hit the sale at  9 am not to miss anything!!

Yummy rice krispie treats for the kids to be happy- great price, yummy

Oyster Plate!!!! Oh yes....OKAY- I should put this one Joe's closet and probably will! Ever since I visited my sister for her 40th birthday and met my parents at one of their favorite Baltimore restaurants- some sort of oyster themed place that is adorned with antique china oyster plates on the walls- I've wanted one!  I got up early to get the pillow (see above) and picked up some fun things.  I walked through the one room with antiques but nothing was a "must have".  I went on my way and then returned to work my shift at the Holiday Fair.  As things were winding down I walked back into the "1/2 Price" antique room- and voila- there was the Oyster Plate- waiting for me! THANK YOU to the donor and thank you to all those that went before that left it for me!! I also am pleased about the soup cups that are a great addition to my china- I've wanted something to serve soup in that would match my Spode Floral print china!

So there you have it- a fun day of shopping and a little insight into the new things on Newark-Granville Road.

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