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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Saints in our lives.....

During church today, Rev. Karen asked....who are the saints in your life?  We told the kids they'd needed to pay attention to the sermon today as we would be discussing it at family dinner.  I'm pretty pleased that when at dinner, hours later, we asked- "what was the sermon about?"- they were able to answer- Saints!  They were able to talk to the definition pretty well and engage in conversation with us.  When we went around and answered- who are the saints- they immediately gave the answer they thought they should- us, teachers and some others.  We explained- we aren't saints for taking care of them- that is our job.  We even said the same about teachers, however we then explained that teachers that have gone beyond the call of duty, that have stayed in touch with them, that look out for them when they don't even know it- those are saints.  Mrs. Stankunas' name was quickly mentioned. The other names shared around the table: Rev Thom, "remember Ruth- she was the person who made good things happen at church for us"; Rev Karen, Mrs. Miggo, Cannon and Laura, Judge and Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Marcia, the lady that mails us our Halloween cards every year....., Mrs Havill, Mrs. LoRAso, Mrs. Michael- but she moved to Africa but she still thinks about us.   The children's dictionary definition of saint  "2. A very kind and patient person." The subject was soon changed, I know many more names would of been shared  and we could of gone further into the definition but that is life around our table on Newark-Granville road- topics are plenty and paced.

I take the time now to say thanks to those good people that my children know and that know and accept my energetic, individual children and our hurried family bouncing from event to event, showing up late here and there.  I am so grateful for those that are in our hearts and cared for  Joe and I all our lives. The saints of our community and those communities that are in desperate need of saintly actions.  The saints that paved the way, challenged status quo, took their faith to heart and gave us our world we often take for granted.

We're so blessed to have so many people that know our family, assist us, look out for us and model the way to help us all live a more spiritual life because of their care.  Life is all the more special because these saints have been and are in our life on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are an amazing informative woman...I am so happy to have you in my life! I voted on the very first day! America is blessed. Peace, Mary Helen