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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farmers Market on the Table

I've been hearing about the yummy ways to make and enjoy Kale (beyond window boxes) but I had not taken the plunge yet.  And then I went to the Farmers Market yesterday!
I started buying from Sunbeam because it was Mrs.Dilbone- and we love Mrs. Dilbone and her math class. (Clare last year) and then I kept returning as I loved what I purchased- I'm totally addicted to the Baby Argula!!  The vegetables are delicious, colorful, unique ( to me) and well presented.  She has recipes and makes it all seem easy!  Yesterday I ran into my friend who told me how much her family enjoys the Rutabaga Fries- so I bought two rutabagas- one for decor and one to make to chop and bake at 400 with sea salt! (Kids did OK with them- I need to make them crispier I used too much olive oil.  But Joe and I LOVED the flavor.) I also bought the kale and am I glad I did!  I made it two ways- one from a recipe on the sunbeam site- it was OK  This is the one I found when I googled Kale Chips and it was even better than I thought- done in the oven- so easy and SOOOO good!  Kids did better with these.  I also served a yummy salad with the best Arugula EVER, great spinach and some other veggies that make us all happy- little cucumbers from giant eagle today hit home as well!  Reality is they preferred the flank steak- Sally helped me prep it with white truffle oil (  Snapshots lounge woke up that yummy flavor I crave (thank you Ann Leithauser for putting that in my pantry!!) And by the way Snapshots has SunbeamFamilyFarm Argula and the best Chicken Salad I've had since Gordon's Grocery that my mom imports from Hagerstown for me.

Okay- this wasn't what I thought I'd blog about now I have more to put into my drafts area to keep my blogging ideas somewhere easy to grab.....More will be coming to the table  on Newark-Granville Road from the Farmers Market so stay tuned!!

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Shameless Agitator said...

Doug and I love this recipe for kale & sweet italian sausage soup: