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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On the Grocery List

Thanksgivig on Newark-Granville Road Shoping List:

I already bought:
Some veggies for the Crudite
Butter- lots
Saltines for the Scalloped oysters
Baby Peas- frozen
Stuffing supplies
Cinnamon Rolls for the morning
V8 for the bloodies
Pumpkin for something pumpkin
Some appetizer stuff
festive napkins
Brussell Sprouts

Organic Free Range Turkey- picked up today- 18 lbs- Going Green Store- LOVE!!!
Potato chips for the left over sandwiches- asked Mom to bring UTZ too

Still to buy:
supplies for cranberry sauce- find recipe - Collen Pitt's Cranberry Chutney
Lettuce for the sandwiches
More appetizers
supplies to make something pumpkin- cookies? with Clare
Flowers for house- table (glass looks good!!)

1 comment:

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This all looks promising...The Green Store people are friends of ours. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart