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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Details like Dakar

Dakar in the Republic of Senegal- that is where we are headed for Spring Break!   As soon as our kids heard dear friends were moving there (  they said- "we want to go visit" and being the person who enjoys travel I said-"maybe."

Joe for some time has said we needed to go, to seize the opportunity to connect with friends and experience something like this with them. So we'd talk a bit about it- figuring out the right time, avoiding standardized test, talking about when it would work for Kristine, etc.....In Disney the kids loved Animal Kingdom but I couldn't help but think- gosh we could take them to see the real Africa this year. And then we went to Cuba.  The Cuba trip opened our eyes and as much as we enjoyed our time alone without the kids, we knew the next trip like this would include them.  One of the things we love to do as parents is expose, show, engage our children in things outside of their comfort zone in safe and protective ways. We want them to know what is possible and outside of their own beautiful world.  We also want to share the experience and know what are friends have been up to over there!! And we miss them and want to have some quality time with them.

So we did it- we booked the flights. Now to finalize the passports, get the yellow fever shots and figure out the other nitty gritty details- March will be here before we know it!  We'll drive to Maryland and my parents will help us get to Dulles. We'll fly direct on South Africa Airlines. We'll go mid week before Spring Break- kids will miss only a few days of school. We'll fly home Good Friday and stay with my parents for Easter weekend to acclimate back- we have basically a red-eye home so we'll need to sleep, catch-up, do laundry, etc....It is about an 8 hour flight- not too bad! Spring clothes.

We'll stay a bit with Kristine and kids, and take a short trip south, we'll do some animal sightings we hope and enjoy the ocean front location.  We'll keep you posted as this evolves and plans are finalized.  Thanks for your interest, support and encouragement!!  Christmas will be a bit easier as this is the real gift- Peter and Simon can celebrate their birthdays just a bit early together!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I think this is the greatest gift you could give your children... to see and experience the real world. I wish I could go along with you and the kids...hey I am a pretty great babysitter!!! This is the greatest gift of time with those you love ...Happy Thanksgiving!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart