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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good things getting Better

Life on Newark-Granville road includes running.  And today I'll talk about the literal kind- jogging, exercise with appropriate clothing and shoes. Joe ran in high school- often for conditioning for other sports- Cross Country for Basketball, Track for Baseball....but the truth is he likes it as he kept running. Senior year of college he ran the Columbus Marathon (one of the things I love about him- what a great thing to do your senior year!!)  He runs as often as he is able at work at lunch time.  When we vacation he always packs his running cloths.  Me- I didn't start running (if you call it that) until after Sally was born and I started exercising with Christy Plaugher and Granville Fitness.  The 5 or was it 6 am group was the perfect fit and just what I needed.  Thanks to the friendship that evolved from that effort I learned to run and really enjoyed it.  Joe and I don't run together, however often we enjoy participating in the same fundraising races including the Fire Cracker Five.  We found friends that would watch our kids for us- often they brought them to the race.  The kids love to see us run, cheer for us and always asked if they too could run.  Occasionally they run in at the end with forward to today's world.  I walk a bit more than I run- hoping to get back in shape to run the full amount.  All 3 kids enjoy a good race and the opportunity to stretch their legs too...and on Newark-Granville Road on Thursday we get our chance!

The Granville Turkey Trot- love it!  We participated in the first one and run whenever we are in town.  We even participate in one in Hagerstown when we ware there!  So why do we love the Turkey Trot, Why should you join us if you are in town, and why am I blogging about it under the title Good things getting Better.

St. Luke's Church does an amazing job putting this great opportunity to get some exercise on a day you'll take in way more calories than you can consume AND it raises money for the Licking County Food Pantry- wahoo!  Lots of great folks come out and it is a day filled with community fun, appreciation and spirit!  It is a great course- down Newark-Granville Road- to the colony and back.  The energy of seeing friends- walking and running, passing one another before and after the turn around- awesome.  It is a Granville top ten event!

And the best thing is we've watched it get better and better.  More efficient, more effective, bigger and SO much fun!  Look at these awesome items they've added for this year.  Knit caps - turkey- roasted turkeys!! for those in strollers and bandannas for the dogs!! See pictures to the right. And yes the proceeds go the Licking County Food Pantry too!  Well done and thank you St. Luke's- it is an amazing effort and all of us Leithausers appreciate the effort.  Join us at the event and after at our house for bloodies to toast the fun of running on NEwark-Granville Road!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You keep trucking girl...I can walk sometimes but no more running for my knees. Wasn't today just beautiful! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart