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Monday, November 5, 2012

Casting our ballots on Newark-Granville Road....

I love to vote! And if you've read enough of my blogs or spent much time you know that I'm a love the journey kind of person, I'm also a process person and a person who likes her traditions.  I also like to know "why" things are the way they are and it also explains why I enjoy sharing my own "why"s my life on Newark-Granville Road is as it is!!

The Voting Process
Since living in Granville - the voting process is pretty special to me.  Here are some of the things that I have done and that will help me at the poll when I cast my votes!

Print the Ballot:

Joe usually prints this for me and we find time to talk through the issues and candidates.  We'll take some time to do the research, ask friends who's opinions we trust and value.  We'll do some research on websites like Women's League of Voters, Some Blogs and articles on line.

Discussing more than Books:
Discussing Books at Cherry Valley Lodge Book Club- it usually happens that Monday night book club- 1st Monday of the month- falls on election day we find ourselves sharing thoughts and opinions.  What is impressive is often women are on different sides of issues but we respect the opinion and move on- same goes with book discussion by the way!

When able we'll try to meet and talk with candidates, attend meetings/presentations. We appreciate the televised debates.  We did attend one rally earlier in the year as it was on the courthouse square - easy! My parents and kids loved being around the energy and having the opportunity to see in person what all the fuss has been about.  In some ways I wish I had the energy to track down a President Obama speech for the kids to experience.  We're grateful for all the opportunities Denison has provided us to hear political presentations and the follow up date night conversation that follows!

Make it a Family Affair

The kids say they are voting tomorrow- often it has been a fun issue- but I wonder if they'll make it an electoral college process instead of a popular vote?  Often one or all of the kids go with us to the polls. Clare had said she was voting one way, but after a questionaire she completed today she was thinking another way and I love it!

I know I know you're not suppose to talk politics or religion but I value hearing the various sides on issues, often I can see both sides and I need the assistance of extroverted energy to finalize my own decision.  At work I try to stay neutral- but I am who I am and can get pulled in despite my best efforts!
I value Works members, friends, book club members on both sides of the aisle.  Joe found this article recently and I find it fascinating!!

Why do we vote the way we vote:

Nature or nurture, my upbringing was a split house often.  My grandfather a republican on my dad's side, my grandmother on my mother's side a democrat.   Sunday dinner discussion could get very heated!! My parents switched parties to support someone they knew well running for Governor.  I'm one of three siblings and we've been divided at times.  I find it all interesting and would love to discuss and research this further.... however the polls open at 6:30 tomorrow morning and it is time to get a good night's sleep for Voting Day on Newark-Granville Road!

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