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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Posts on Newark-Granvile Road: Welcome to Denison Dr. Weinberg

Cheri- I accept the challenge and will do my best to post a daily blog entry every day in November. I didn't know about the Blog Post but thanks to your blog I do now!

So today's big news to comment and share....Denison's new president.  We are certainly sad to be saying farewell to President Dr. Dale T. Knobel.  My first year working at Denison was traveling with Dale and often Tina to introduce the wonderful alumni clubs across the country to him/them. That was a great job.  I so enjoyed the opportunity and seeing Dale in action with the caring, concerned, engaged Denisonians.  He became a Denisonian- or reconnected as one- he spent his first year of college at Denison so very well.  And that is the great news- he'll remain connected as so many of us do. Dale deserves his retirement and we're thankful for all he's done.

Joe and I are both very pleased about the selection of the new president.  The video on the Denison DEN webpage- see link above and please watch the video!  Dr. Weinberg shares the things that excite us about Denison and our lives on Newark-Granville road!! We're big fans of our liberal arts education and what it offers our community and future Denisonians. We love how it aligns with our lives and how we're raising our children.  It is one of the reasons we are so committed to The Works and our church in many ways as well- we learn at church across disciplines- we don't just worship and life long learning is key to Denison. And The Works- Ohio's Center for Art, History and Technology- need I say more.

Another aspect of Dr. Adam Weinberg's perspective that we admire is his global perspective and experience!  We truly value and want to know more about the world beyond Granville, Ohio, the US and we think it is a smart move to have Denison's leadership expanding out beautiful bubble a bit more.  Dale's tenure has embraced that and we're grateful for all the portals he's encouraged and inspired- particularly those in Newark.  We also value his commitment to the liberal arts experience abroad and now we see how that ties to his successor.

Denison creates leaders.  Or better said Denison's education and experiences cultivate, challenge and equip leaders for the world.  My father noted this and will tell you it is one of his favorite aspects of Denison.  All three of his children benefited from the experience and education in ways I can't even begin to describe tonight. No doubt about it future President Weinberg- you'll be at home on the hill and around Newark-Granville Road and we look forward to welcoming you!

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