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Thursday, November 8, 2012

I wonder

I wonder what would happen in the united states if as much effort, time and money that went into sports for kids was put into language, art, science and math extra curricular activities.....Not that I'm against sports- I love what it teaches for teamwork, the exercise it provides but I struggle to keep up with getting kids to practices, fitting in family dinners...if my kids practiced their music as much as they did their sports on newark-granville road.....I've know for awhile this parenting thing is the biggest challenge I face and the most rewarding.

Anyway- on to easier observations.....I had a play date today!  A dear friend came to visit the museum with her 3 kids and it made me sooo happy!  When she confirmed this morning it made my day and I had a great day! I loved celebrating the opening of a beautiful new building in downtown Newark and giving Works volunteers an opportunity to celebrate their success and experience first hand the art and science hands-on education opportunity the glass studio provides our community!  Anyway I was able to walk in my kids shoes I waited for my friend to arrive no doubt about it I was as Giddy as Sally, Peter and Clare when their friends invite them to play!

I hope you had a good day!!

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