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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slowly but Surely.....

What a wonderful weekend- no wonder I love Thanksgiving so much- it gives us four full days!!  I love that I can feel that I had four days off even with working on Friday!  Friday's event was so special and just part of my usual life here's holiday fun!  It was a quick trip to see Joe's parents but we made the most of every minute with a great hike, relaxing meal of the left overs- I LOVE the left overs- as the cook I really savor the flavors and Joe's parents prepped it all for us!! And the football- we watched 3 games- the rivalries all had connections to us- OSU-MI, Florida-FSU and Notre Dame-USC.....and all very entertaining games!!

So I soaked up all the Thanksgiving Spirit these past few days thanks to friends and family and was able to come back to my life on Newark-Granville Road and start the transition to the Advent Season.  Sally and I collected the Autumn Decor, took the pumpkins out of the window boxes and did a bit of Christmas prep- we have wreathes on the door and the Christmas Card basket started....Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like Christmas Cards in the mail box and Christmas Trees on cars.  I saw my first one Friday on River Road. I wasn't ready for Christmas at that point but no denying the joy it brings.  The festive windows around town are key too (picture before) and certainly the kids' love of the holiday- it all adds up and carries the day!

I look forward to sharing these and more joys of the season with you.  Lucky for me my joy is year round as Life on Newark-Granville Road gives me so much for which to be grateful

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