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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back to the Rain Boots.......

I really do love to watch my kids play sports, be part of a performance, or share their singing voices to help with worship.....I don't go to every game, I can't I have three kids, a full time job and I'm committed to the community that provides a healthy happy place for my kids to grow.  I want the experience of playing and watching to be fun and for there to be happy positive learning opportunities.  A silly little favorite thing of mine for the experience of watching sports is rain boots!

I was so pleased when I figured out that rain boots worked well on dewy mornings for soccer. It isn't that I don't like to have my feet wet, it is more about being cold and so often those 9 am fall or spring days when the grass was dewy because of the temp changes- the boots kept me dry and happy. I love my rain boots- those that know me well know I have a pink pair, a black and white pair, and old blue pair too. They represent fun, practical, prepared and I hope that represents me.  I'm sure I've blogged about the boots in the past!  The boots were back out today they were needed for my first, Clare's 4th, Cross Country Meet.

Life on Newark-Granville Road today was a day with pouring down rain, not just some mist or dew....full fledged rain.  I love that this sport carries on in the rain.  Some of my best memories of watching the kids on fields or walking with them to school has rain involved.  Joe and I fell truly in love in the rain- we realized we were right for one another as we found great pleasure on a rainy Muirfield Sunday complete with a puddle jump or two.  So this mornings rain that gave me Peter (baseball was cancelled) to navigate a cross country meet in Lancaster was very special and fun.  I'm learning about this sport- I never participated. I was the one that signed up to be the goalie on the Field Hockey team so I didn't have to do the running- only some sprints.  Joe ran on their CC team for basketball conditioning so we're both proud of Clare's efforts to engage because she likes it.  And boy does she- she's learning and challenging herself and why wouldn't I love to see that live and in person.  The really cool thing is all the kids that are there are doing the same thing. It was very special to watch so many races and athletes, parents and coaches cheering and encouraging and doing their best....on a muddy, wet, rainy day.    It was fun to bring back the rain boots.

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