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Sunday, September 29, 2013

BEing in the moment.....

What a great service we had at FPC today...thank you Karen for the sermon, Kate as the liturgist, the music and of course what makes it all the richer - the people-being with our FPC family.

The message I took away was confirming what I know- life is better with Christ with us.  Details today were shared about that in many ways with focus on our tired, over scheduled lives- hymn, scripture and message and the service's prayers and calls spoken united out loud. Karen shared points about accepting that work and to-dos will always be with us.  A wise man told me when I started my job at The Works that that work in progress, that piles up on the desk was job security and to accept it and work with it.  That wisdom is how I embraced "sit loosely in the saddle of life"....I'm not perfect but I try.  Yoga with some great leaders in the past is what also helped me embrace the "be" that Karen talked about this morning.  The verbs in most of our lives, most of the time- want, have, do....and what is good for us is "be" with God and life is better.

I know this- FPC and my faith journey these 12 years has helped me realize this.  The closer and more engaged at church or in spiritual work- the better my life is.  It isn't always easy and when it isn't sincere and real- a task- it doesn't work either.  The same with work, same with activities...all back to that be and not want, have, do....Yesterday was a great "be" day for me- embracing the physical where I was- on the campus and could have a run/walk and catch-up with a friend. Watching Peter play baseball, being with him at the break.  Making it to Clare's run, being with her to process after and then my me time being in the kitchen and with Joe for football at the end of the day- a great great day on Newark-Granville Road.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey and "being" with me.  Often people remark on how busy we are- and we are- but we try to make sure what we do energizes us, works well for our family- not easy, not perfect but we're in the moment not matter what they are- good back or indifferent- we're together and we're never never alone and always supported- it is good to know and good to be reminded about that on a Sunday morning.

**Update from yesterday's blog.....I really appreciate all that read my post last night- I can see the stats and I'm fascinated by the trends of who reads views, which blogs entries get the most hits, etc...last night was a good one.  So the apple dish that was in the oven came out...over cooked...even though I took it out 10 minutes earlier...I think my caramel done in the 1st step was what was really over-done...oh well- not a too expensive lesson in french cooking.  5 eggs and 5 apples....some sugar and spices...I'll try again and let you know the results.  The good news is Clare's cake in the freezer looks pretty good- preparing for our special week with Clare turning 13 on Newark-Granville Road!

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