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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rise and Shine......

Yesterday I didn't want to get out of bed. I was comfy, cozy, content in my bed.  The day ahead had way to many choices, expectations, sadness, challenges and I wanted to just stay in bed.  Today I'm up and ready....."rise and shine and give God the glory glory" comes to mind....a favorite camp song that has been sung over and over....always my fall back when I'm with a bunch of kids in Sunday School/LOGOS settings.....

I'm glad I did get up and get going on Newark-Granville road is about exactly that LIFE! And hallaleuh, praise be I'm alive. And so are the other amazing people that surround me and that went before me....I love that David Schnaid's service was a celebration of his life- he gave so much, touched so many and it was revealed and honored yesterday. I'm a big believer that funerals are for the living. I'm a big believer in closure and like all of us here on earth I'm figuring things out as I go along with God's help and the help of so many friends and family here with me now and those that came before.

Yesterday I went to the calling hours to see the Schnaidt family- to let them know I'm thinking of them. The truth is I couldn't go to the celebration.  I wanted to, I wish I would of after hearing bits and pieces and I wasn't alone- lots of others wanted to go but life kept us away and there was more room for those more closely connected.  I know others wanted to go to the calling hours and will send notes, prayers, messages instead and it all works. It all helps us life up David's beautiful family and friends- that is why we're here together.

So a friend and I have talked for awhile about our preferences and comfort level with saying our last goodbyes, respects and honoring activities.  Calling Hours and Services- which do you prefer? I personally benefit from the funeral/service.  Calling Hours are hard for me- I never say the right thing- never. I've always found comfort in the prayers, scriptures and opportunity to learn more about the person's life at the service.  My friend prefers calling hours and that fits this person. We talk often of our MBTI Extrovert vs Introvert- which is where one gets energy or in this situation where one is renewed and comforted. I'm an extrovert who processes with others, or by saying things out loud to someone- it is the way my brain and spirit work.  I need my introverted time too...that comfy bed time of reading, thinking, processing....(as we age we all become more balanced is Jung's theory and believe it!)

Life calls- time to get the kids to school, me to the work I love....I could go on and on with this topic- a lot going on in my head with this....I'm still extroverting and figuring out some "why"s about my feelings with what is happening this week within my Life on Newark-Granville Road.  Tomorrow we'll attend the service for Sylvia Price and I'll probably blog more about her gifts and life too....another life to celebrate and give thanks for her time here with us.

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