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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

real life, grown up projects......

So we're dealing with a true home owner project.  Neither Joe nor I are engineers- I have and do indirectly work with many though!  Our wonderful old house needs so many things and the older the house gets the more complicated it seems to be.  The location on Newark-Granville Road is challenging.  We're dealing with septic/sewer now and it isn't easy.  It has been a project for a long time and it is challenging in every way shape and form...communication, project management and prioritization.  When I talk to my east coast father about it he is amazed by decisions and planing or lack there of in this area.   It is really amazing how little people talk about it in our community as well.  But the reality is we don't live in a neighborhood and don't have a neighborhood association...but maybe life on Newark-Granville Road needs one...maybe I should be coordinating a get together so we can update and support one another and our collective lives on Newark-Granville Road?

But I digress....back to the project....there is always a bright side and with this project all I can say is that I'm learning about many things.   The reality is I'm learning the basic lesson I already knew- it all comes down to chemistry....we have a pump station across the street and there has been an unpleasant odor.  Today I learned that the addition of a chemical will neutralize that.   The issues with sewer and septic all go back to chemicals (naturally produced chemicals) and where they go.  Chemistry is everything in our attitudes, our make up, our on Newark-Granville Road is all about learning.  If someone is reading this and has worked on a project like this or has thoughts I'd love to hear them.

I also know that this is a minor project in comparison to so many other issues and challenges others are handling and I try hard to remember that as I juggle and vent...and I as I go to bed I count my blessings.

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