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Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Night.....

Tonight was family night at The Works.  Joe and the kids bounded in after our Board Meeting to join a fun board and staff family picnic.  The Works, founded by Howard LeFevre, is quite like a family business.  It was great to be together with our volunteer leaders and their families and our staff and their families.  Just like a real family reunion, not everyone could be there and they were missed.  It is a special place thanks to these special people and it was great to see the positive family dynamics at work in the museum.  Pictures on facebook capture a few special moments showcasing the fun learning that happens in our  life on Newark-Granville Road!

If you are ever interested in getting involved at The Works as a volunteer I'm happy to talk with you.  There are so many ways to join our fun learning oriented family and we need all kinds of help.  One of the things I've enjoyed about volunteering and working at The Works is the opportunity to interact with great people from all over Central Ohio. Joe and I have intentionally provided opportunity for the kids to have friends beyond Newark-Granville Road's neighborhoods.  We LOVE our close by friends and community, however we value connections and friendships in other places.  Joe enjoys seeing the sports kids know one another on the playing field because of camps they've shared over the years.  Clare and now Sally's dance opportunities provide the same thing and we love it.  The same thing happens at The Works and you too can be part of that fun!  And then you too can attend special gatherings- volunteers get special opportunities because they make The Works work.

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