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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good Day of Learning....

Yesterday was a lovely day in my life on Newark-Granville Road. Since I didn't blog last night I'm blogging twice today...but I'm going to blog about yesterday so that makes up for not blogging before....confused?  For my blogging are the lessons learned and happy occasions on Sept 20th in my life of Newark-Granville Road:

-It is as much fun to watch your kids watching their friends/family as it is to watch your kids on the field.  My rain boot blog talks about watching my own kids on the field. This blog shares the fun of watching kids watch others.    Last night I had the pleasure of taking in a Granville Middle School Tennis Match in Granville.  We packed the tailgate and enjoyed the end of the afternoon and early evening watching our niece Cate (and my Goddaughter) play tennis.  Wonderful bonus to interact with and see sister in law/friend Ann coach her darling team of new to the sport players.  For a fleeting moment I was sad my own kids haven't embraced this sport Joe and I love.  Other sports have their attention and it is fine- you can't do it all! And how fun we were able to watch Cate and Granville gals do their thing.  Clare and Sally enjoyed the chance to see Cate in action and that made me very happy.  I also loved the chance to engage with the St. Paul team at the end...they all now know who was the first woman to fly around the world!  Peter was a trooper and big helper cheering for Clare today at the Cross Country meet and I remember like yesterday Clare and Peter cheering for Sally in her first season of swim team.

-When business is good for a core business lots of other businesses benefit and flourish too. Yesterday I had the privilege to tour an innovative and skilled work place that has grown in part because of the many successful retail businesses in our community valuing and utilizing quality design and product.  I love the ripple effect of success.  I also was thrilled to see art, history and science at work under one roof in so many obvious ways.  The business I visited was started by the father and the son's growth is impressive.  They both gave the tour and I recognize the gift of their time and my special opportunity.  I also had some memories dusted off as I recall time in my father's architecture offices over the years.  This architectural design company gave me the "how it is made" and "how it has evolved" lessons I crave and treasure.

-Development Time.  I love my job and the role I play at The Works.  I started the position with much needed training needed and am grateful when formal learning is provided.  A great lunch and presentation yesterday about bequests/estate planning put me in such a happy place.  I'm pretty practical about life and death. It doesn't mean I'm not deeply saddened when a life ends but I accept it is part of living. It also means that I recognize this important part of philanthropy.  However it is an area I need to learn more about and become more comfortable helping others utilize as a way of supporting important charitable organizations in their lives.  If you are interested in helping me learn and learning more- lets talk!  It can be about The Works or another non-profit we can all benefit together.

-Life is indeed figure eights and we have so much to learn from one another and with one another. I had a lovely start to my day with coffee outside and a great conversation.  A friend of mine and I will work together to help our church in the future and that will be good. This friend has helped me and connected with me in many learning and supporting ways and I'm grateful.  The figure eight motion is alive and well.

Those were the highlighted lessons as I reflect on the day yesterday....a good one for sure as summer 2013 came to close.....lots of time outdoors added to the happy reflection of lessons learned on Newark-Granville Road.

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