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Monday, September 16, 2013

One good deed deserves another.....

Yesterdays blog was about giving back....not taking, doing the right thing....and tonight it is the same thing with a different twist and BIG...The BIG GIVE....The Columbus Foundation is all about giving. They are an incredible well run, managed and special organization that helps, supports and encourages philanthropic giving that strengthens the community.  They unite people and celebrate amazing contributions.  Their theme this year is "the Spirit of Columbus" inspired by Jerrie Mock's accomplishment and use of the phrase for her plane.....The Columbus Foundation reached out to The Works this year and supported our connection with Jerrie Mock!  KNOW they've been Works supporters for years having us participate in their philanthropic support efforts and helping connect us to donors.  They also support our development growth and I'm grateful. Community foundations are so critical to communities success.  In Licking County we've lucky to have the Licking County Foundation and all their support and partnership as well!

So back to the good deed....the Columbus Foundation has THE BIG GIVE- Tuesday to Wed for 24 hours...starts at 11 am Tuesday.  You go on line and give and then there is a great match the foundation provides.  A great way to support The Works Annual Fund campaign that makes it all possible....all those school tours, STEM efforts, downtown safe, happy learning and play for ALL ages....I could go on and on....we're grateful the Columbus Foundation recognizes what we offer and supports us and now is encouraging, inspiring and giving you incentive- a match- to support us. Make your dollars go a bit further by giving in this way.....

Our Annual Fund Campaign is on its way- all ages and abilities to give can help.  Visit the gift shop and round up, buy a $1 paper cog, write us a check, visit us on-line, or go to the BIG GIVE website and help us keep the learning in hands on ways happening.....THANK YOU!  Life on Newark-Granville Road is all about what we care about and we all love The Works and what it has and does provides for us and our community!

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