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Friday, September 6, 2013

Inspiration all around......

Did you catch this fantastic interview on Channel 4 today with Gail Hogan on Daytime Columbus? The Works Craig Montgomery- History Educator- was interviewed about next Saturday's unveiling of the Jerrie Mock Statue/ Sculpture.  There is so much I could blog about with this topic and I will as the excitement for the day builds.  Jerrie Mock's story is inspiring, however so is the work that puts the statue in downtown Newark to encourage our children to follow their dreams and know anything is possible.  I haven't moved the photo of the sculpture in the west end of the Courtyard- one I adore- Flight of Imagination.  Jerrie and our flying boy will compliment one another so very well.  The Licking County Foundation's work with Jerrie's sister and her classmate and all the donors are to be commended for their work. I'm inspired by what their good work has done, is doing and will continue to do as we prepare to install, unveil and celebrate this art, story (great book) and event next week.  Life on Newark-Granville Road finds inspiration in amazing places and The Works courtyard is one of our favorites!  Well done Craig, Gail, Sam and all those that made today's interview go so well so others can be inspired too!

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