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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

deserves a little Whit's.......

What a lovely 5:30 we were all home- amazing!  Clare was dressed for the field hockey game, Joe was putting the meal he made from the freezer into the oven and prepping a salad. Family time with the dog was the agenda for the night.  We made our way to Bryn Du and enjoyed being outside watching Clare  and her teammates on the field with a gorgeous sky and sunset at the back drop.

Joe left a tad bit early to get home and finish up dinner while I packed up the kids and waited for Clare. He texted they deserved Whit's and I should include that in the drive home- take out for dessert.  As we arrived in Granvillle Joe called to say the pasta was still cold. We went to plan B- pizza from Crenos- boy they are fast.  I dropped the kids off, they showered, Joe set the table and I returned with pizza.  A lovely family dinner was held and dinner for a future night will quickly be reheated in the microwave.

The day started with family visit to the dentist- 7 am- LOVE that we don't miss much school and get us out the door together with time for a breakfast treat!  Morning came fast and no one wanted to get out of bed but a quick cuddle and back rub and they did as they were told...the day started and ended well....Whit's for all on Newark-Granville Road to celebrate.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Beautiful........I have missed you too. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart