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Thursday, September 12, 2013

with flowers

the inspiration for this post is thanks to Joe Leithauser's gift of sweet flower delivery yesterday.  I don't get flowers very often- Joe loves me and shows his love in discret, dedicated ways. Every now and then he pulls out a flower delivery or surprise and it means a great deal. He also gets major points for celebrating our anniversary with the flowers from my bouquet! The flowers this week are for a number of reasons that I won't go into but I'm grateful.  They're perfect- they're seasonal and I LOVE the dahlias of this time of year, it is simple, GORGEOUS, the color are very me.  We're so lucky to have amazing floral design in this community- through work I'm lucky to have Linnett's on the Square. We also work with Root and Shoots and of course here in our village- Village Flower Basket!

Walking the dog this morning I caught the scent of Marigolds...I love the scent as it takes me back to my childhood- thank you Bryn Du gardeners that make sure the welcome to your neighborhood is so lovely.  It made me wonder about favorite flowers.  I love Joe's answer to - what is your favorite scotch? The answer is - it depends.  The same with beer...the same with flowers.  It depends what they're being used for, alone or with others,  what is one's mood, what time of year is it....even flowers I don't love- carnations- can be gorgeous- LOVED them planted, in a friend's planter early this year they were wonderful.   Anyway my favorite flowers right now are these- thank you on Newark-Granville Road is good today. Joe safely arrived in NYC after weather delays. He called to tell me and I was in a deep sleep but slept all the better the rest of the night.  Everyone went to school happily with most every thing- Peter has his trumpet, Sally's reading book is in Clare's back pack.  Clare's ready for her picture and I've learned to choose my battles- I hope we get a smile with the braces- I snapped one for facebook- hope it's fate is better than Peter's picture yesterday.  Anyway I have a good day ahead with activities I value and look forward to...yes Life on Newark-Granville is good.

None of us will forget 9-11-01 and we shouldn't.  I've appreciated the posts and reflections and what it does to remind me to savor our days and be kind to one another, including myself, and flowers help us do that in so many ways.

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