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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pretend I'm writing this last night.......9-10-13....I was so happy to see Miss Sally in this darling dress yesterday.  It was a treat to be wtih Marcia Downes at Sally's Brownie troop meeting this afternoon.  I left for work early (STEM Advisory meeting- awesome stuff) so I didn't see what she had one.  The meeting was fun as we were there thanking the troop for helping raise money for the Jerrie Mock sculpture, making sure the girls know about Jerrie Mock- the first woman to fly around the world and receive a special message from Jerrie herself from Marcia- follow your dreams!  I had to add a bit of science lesson too....lift- how do airplanes actually get off the ground.....

Anyway- Joe gave me the rest of the story with the dress.....Sally had to do a commercial for her Economics Unit today and she was the "mom" she wore a Lilly on Newark-Granville Road makes me smile with little things like this...the little things are soooo important!!

Okay- back to 9-11-13.....somber day...we do remember...picture day....I'll post Peter's picture on happy he is still wearing his tie for the picture- he's done it for years and last year he said no more....we think he was teased...yay Peter- his reward Whit's whenever he wants it this week- he he...Life on Newark-Granville Road has it's incentives.  Also Peter just now declaring it is indeed...hhUMppp Daaayy!  

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