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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nuture-Nature at The Middle School.....Join MSP!

Joe Leithauser feels pretty strongly that the impressive schools in our community are largely due to the parents of the students.  Where Joe gives credit to the genes they provide, I give credit to the support and encouragement they provide the full system- not just their own children.  And that is why I'd like to encourage every Middle School Parent to join the organization MSP- Middle School Parents.

When Clare arrived at the Middle School it was a "no brainer to me" to join.  They had me with this one sentence:  "Your $5 membership helps fund arts mania, staff appreciation, scholarship funds for 8th grade Washington DC trip and many other events at GMS."   Granted I've heard nothing but huge praise about arts mania, I LOVE DC and think all students need to experience it and want our staff to be supported. 

Of course we're all asked to join so many things, contribute to ten times more so I can see why people don't quickly sign up.  I ask all middle school parents to rethink that and send the $5 with the completed enrollment form (on line- follow above link) or look for the sheet that came home this week with your middle-schooler!   Another great way to support this group is through Market Days food orders! More on this website link.

Another way to be involved is to volunteer...we can all find a way to engage with our schools and keep the focus on the important GMS mission to create a vibrant learning community of tolerant and compassionate adolescents. 

This mission must be done in partnership with parents and the strong teachers, staff and administrators- the organization is really about supporting and enhancing their efforts and helping all of our students be those tolerant and compassionate learners!
MSO is a great way for us to untie and do just that!

And before I sign-off I'll thank the current and past leaders of GPO that have paved the way making life on Newark-Granville Road a bit easier.  The Middle School transition for us has been nothing short of wonderful.  The staff of this school have created an environment that has welcomed Clare.  She is thriving with the challenges, engagement, encouragement and responsibility of GMS.  Her genes do help her ( he he) but we know she wouldn't be as far without the she's had these past 13 years from our immediate and community family.

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