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Sunday, September 8, 2013

History repeats itself.....

Will and Clare - 8 years old above....Picture to the left taken on Saturday!  Fun family moment this weekend for The Leithausers. At least I was touched and excited to blog about it.  I blog to document and save reflections and good times for my family and friend interactions and this is good one.
I learned to run in 2005 or so wtih the help of Christy Plaugher and Kristine Michael. Never did I think I could run a 5K, run Newark-Granville Road and the exciting and special 5 MILE race on the 4th of July in Granville- but I did.  This blog post isn't about my running it is what gives me perspective on Clare's running.  

Joe is a runner, he talks about running as a child for conditioning for other sports- cross country for basketball and such.  He ran the Columbus Marathon our senior year of college- 1990- incredibly impressive to me.  He's always been a runner- going for runs on trips, at work, etc....We never talked about the kids growing up to be runners per se...Joe and I talked about running when I picked it up and he did buy the Jogging Stroller that I didn't do well with but he embraced.

The kids celebrated our running with us in Granville. It became a part of Life on Newark-Granville Road for the kids to cheer for us during races- 5Ks, the Firecracker 5 and such. Joe jokes that it was stay home with the kids or run the race and he chose the race.  We lucked out and found friends that enjoyed being with our kids. Marcia Downes, Shirely Hale- they even made signs and cheered for us. The kids saw us running and thought it would be fun to run too- so Joe let them run in at the end and finish some races..find mommy and run her her- darling- I loved it.  I didn't think about the impact it could have- we just did it.  Somewhere along the way Joe signed Clare up for a race too- the Maple Leaf Run in Granville she was 8.  Joe pushed Sally in the jogging stroller and ran Clare over somewhere midrun, knocking her down.  She got up and finsihed the race no problem. We knew then she had moxy.

As I type this and reflect I shouldn't be surprised that she wanted to run cross country this year.  She's giving this new official sport a try while juggling Field Hockey too- we're pretty proud of her.  Cross Country is turning into a cool sport for her with two meets completed with successful finishes and progress in time reduction. Again as one who runs with effort- I'm impressed.  Clare sets a goal and goes for it  What was so special about Saturday's meet was that her cousin Will was running too- an 8th grader from St. Paul's in Westerville. Joe and his brother, Scott and his mom Nadine met at the race.  And it struck me that history was repeating itself- Joe's Mom had been to many a Cross Country meet with Scott and Joe and now she was there with the next generation of runners- Clare and Will.

I was talking about this with someone this weekend, I was saying we never looked at this baby girl and thought...oh you might be a runner some cross country like your Daddy. Yet it happened.  The person said we probably didn't do that with any sport or activity.  Reality is as parents we do highly influence our children's activities- singing in the choir, swim team, baseball...Peter was born on Opening Day, his first word was "ball" and he could throw from the crib to the hallway before walking. His nursery had baseball card posters....although as much as we love baseball we think Lacrosse might be a better fit some day.....Clare not quite as much of a theme....we've let her try many things to find her thing. Her first word was "dog" by the way and Sally's was "hi".

We don't know what the future holds with sports, what will work out, what will keep their interest and where they'll progress for success. We like is what sports teaches in regard to life lessons and keeping them healthy and happy. This Saturday and this season is making me happy because Clare is happy and that makes life on Newark-Granville Road happy. Saturday's bonus for Nadine to be with her grandchildren and sons in an active healthy way was a  moment that caught me and wanted to share and preserve it on Newark-Granville Road.

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