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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

grateful for family dinner

Tonight the most amazing thing happened!  I turned pizza dinner into an incredible healthy, yummy, nutritious meal!  How did I do this?  I went to church!  Yup- First Presbyterian Church in Granville.  The last Wednesday of the month is family pot luck night- church family. Come one come all....So last month was kind of slim pickings...looked like it was going to be pizza and turned out fine.  Tonight it was amazing....the bbq "wings" cauliflower presented with ranch and celery- incredible- something so new, healthy, yummy, creative, well presented! Joe's favorite Asian slaw, homemade chicken pot-pot-pie, to my kids delight KFC, lots and lots of yummy mac n cheese, sloppy joes, a veggie casserole with squash, egg plant that was awesome....and so much more- cookies, buckeyes, muffins and pie....oh yeah!  Actually the really special part of the night is the feeling like your sitting in your dining room during a holiday meal.  You're surrounded by love, your belly is full....a few of us stayed after dried and put away dishes just chatting....lovely night on Newark-Granville Road for The Leithausers.  You too can make this can join at the next one- I'll let you know out here on the blog and feel free to message me if interested at!  Life on Newark-Granville Road is filled with amazement and this is one that we hold close and love to share!

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