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Sunday, September 1, 2013

going to happy place....

We went off the grid for a beautiful work retreat on Friday and I've carried the peace of Camp Falling Rock with me for days.  I wasn't "on line" too much but instead living in the glorious weekend- friend time, hospitality, relaxation, catch-up, thoughtful prayer and discernment all mixed in with the challenges of work and juggling our lives.

This morning the news of David Schnaidt's death has stung me. I'm sad and mad. I'm grateful for the facebook posts that celebrate his and his family's faith and love.  I'm looking for my happy place, my comfort place.  A deep hug form Sally, submersing myself in water, prayer, family time.....I'm going off the Grid as I pursue it.

All those in similar places or will dear friends that grew up with David, all those in closer relationships, close to his beautiful family and his family.  I'm praying and thinking of you. I know David is at peace- I can accept that...I know his wonderful life leaves a legacy of all things he valued - faith, family, service and  that helps me on Newark-Granville Road as I find my happy place.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have been off the grid too...Friday at Dawes in the learning garden...quiet times here in the cabin...quiet repose. I am sorry for this sudden loss...gone too soon. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart