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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Fall

Denison classmate, David Howitt, says it best on facebook today:  "Autumnal Equinox is upon is. Time to set new intentions and to reflect on previous intentions. We are part of nature and we can view the change of seasons as a mirror of our own internal processes/seasons. Autumn is a time of harvest, reaping what one has sewn. We can take an opportunity to recognize the efforts we have exerted toward goals and notice where we have produced abundant results. We can also look at those areas that have not flowered or worked out and we can choose to let those go - so that they may be better turned into the compost for next years crops/intentions."

Despite being a color me beautiful fall and loving the real life colors, activities and sports associated with this season I find it hard to say goodbye to summer. I LOVE SUMMER and I soak in every last minute of it until Fall is officially here...and now it welcome fall to my life on Newark-Granville Road!  Dave's comments above do a wonderful job and I'm so pleased to have his facebook posts.  I encourage you to check out his business page: Meriweather Group on Facebook or the website: and like it to keep learning and gaining healthy happy perspectives like this one.  Thanks Dave!

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