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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sneak peak.....

Tomorrow we'll gather on Newark-Granville Road to pick the next year of reading for "Discussing Books at CVL"....this is the book club I've been a part of for well over nine years!!  I value the group, the books, the discussion, each woman that makes us what we are....women who love to read, who help me process and enhance my own reading.

I'm so excited about the book I'll recommend I'm going to blog about it tonight...Setting the Table, The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business by Danny Meyer.  This book is a combination of Kitchen Confidential (a book club top ten) and my favorite business books: Built to Last, Flight of the Buffalo, Maverick....  a big thank you to Janice LoRaso for sharing this book with me and for her leadership and wisdom. To Marcia Downes for creating an environment where these lessons are applied and we grow and work together to offer hospitality- the hospitality of learning, not eating!

I won't go into the details and nuggets from this book...I took notes- always a sign of how much I value a book. I have a whole page with page numbers and topics referenced.  It was a good weekend and following up on the last post about needing a happy place- I found it.  Lots of people helped me be in my happy place and I'm grateful.  Reading is one of those places- I finished " The Paris Wife"...interesting time and characters and spent time within the Danny Meyer Union Square Hospitality Group.  I'm ready to greet tomorrow and learn about book club friends' recommendations! Life on Newark-Granville Road is all the richer thanks to books!

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